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System size, energy, pseudorapidity, and centrality dependence of elliptic flow

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Title: System size, energy, pseudorapidity, and centrality dependence of elliptic flow
Author(s): Alver, B.; Back, B.B.; Baker, M.D.; Ballintijn, M.; Barton, D.S.; Betts, R.R.; Bickley, A.A.; Bindel, R.; Busza, W.; Carroll, A.; Chai, Z.; Chetluru, V.; Decowski, M.P.; Garcia, E.; Gburek, T.; George, N.; Gulbrandsen, K.; Halliwell, C.; Hamblen, J.; Harnarine, I.; Hauer, M.; Henderson, C.; Hofman, D.J.; Hollis, R.S.; Holynski, R.; Holzman, B.; Iordanova, A.; Johnson, E.; Kane, J.L.; Khan, N.; Kulinich, P.; Kuo, C.M.; Li, W.; Lin, W.T.; Loizides, C.; Manly, S.; Mignerey, A.C.; Nouicer, R.; Olszewski, A.; Pak, R.; Reed, C.; Richardson, E.; Roland, C.; Roland, G.; Sagerer, J.; Seals, H.; Sedykh, I.; Smith, C.E.; Stankiewicz, M.A.; Steinberg, P.; Stephans, G.S.F.; Sukhanov, A.; Szostak, A.; Tonjes, M.B.; Trzupek, A.; Vale, C.; Van Nieuwenhuizen, G.J.; Vaurynovich, S.S.; Verdier, R.; Veres, G.I.; Walters, P.; Wenger, E.; Willhelm, D.; Wolfs, F.L.H.; Wosiek, B.; Wozniak, K.; Wyngaardt, S.; Wyslouch, B.
Subject(s): Heavy ion collisions Nuclear collisions Collective flow doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.242302
Abstract: This Letter presents measurements of the elliptic flow of charged particles as a function of pseudorapidity and centrality from Cu-Cu collisions at 62.4 and 200 GeV using the PHOBOS detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. The elliptic flow in Cu-Cu collisions is found to be significant even for the most central events. For comparison with the Au-Au results, it is found that the detailed way in which the collision geometry (eccentricity) is estimated is of critical importance when scaling out system-size effects. A new form of eccentricity, called the participant eccentricity, is introduced which yields a scaled elliptic flow in the Cu-Cu system that has the same relative magnitude and qualitative features as that in the Au-Au system.
Issue Date: 2007-06-15
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation Info: Alver, B., Back, B. B., Baker, M. D., Ballintijn, M., Barton, D. S., Betts, R. R. et al. (2006). System size and centrality dependence of charged hadron transverse momentum spectra in Au plus Au and Cu plus Cu collisions at root s(NN)=62.4 and 200 GeV. Physical Review Letters, 96.
Type: Article
Description: Publishers Copyright -
ISSN: 0031-9007
Date Available in INDIGO: 2008-04-14

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