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Factors Influencing Diabetes Self-Management Behaviors among Patients with T2DM in Rural Thailand 29
The Potential Influence of a Social Media Intervention on Risky Behavior and Chlamydia Incidence 12
Healthcare utilization and empowerment among women in Liberia 11
COPD Exacerbations: Evidence-based guidelines for identification, assessment, and management. 10
Performance Measures for Institutional Review Boards 8
Social-Cognitive Factors and Exercise Behavior among Thais 8
The Quality of Life of Caregivers of Children with Chronic Conditions 7
Primary Family Caregivers' Definition and Management of Nursing Home Placement 7
Breastfeeding behavior among adolescents: Initiation, duration, and exclusivity 7
Salience of physical appearance characteristics among young women in Thailand 7


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