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Use of Care Paths to Improve Patient Management 31
What goes up must come down: The burden of bipolar depression in youth 30
Tea Catechin Epigallocatechin gallate inhibits Streptococcus mutans Biofilm Formation by Suppressing gtf Genes 23
Interaction Between Lycium barbarum (Goji) and Warfarin: A Case Report 23
Patterns of Protective Factors in an Intervention for the Prevention of Suicide and Alcohol Abuse with Yup'ik Alaska Native Youth 21
A case–control study of occupation/industry and renal cell carcinoma risk 18
Body composition changes in females treated for breast cancer: a review of the evidence 15
Association between state physical education (PE) requirements and PE participation, physical activity, and body mass index change 10
Translating Epidemiology into Policy to Prevent Childhood Obesity: The Case for Promoting Physical Activity in School Settings 8
Validation of Secondary Commercial Data Sources for Physical Activity Facilities in Urban and Nonurban Settings 6


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