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Systematic Review of the Efficacy of Herbal Galactogogues 30
Serum Acute Phase Protein and Inflammatory Cytokine Network Correlations: Comparison of a Pre-Rheumatoid Arthritis (pre-RA) and Non-RA Community Cohort 28
Circumcision and reduced risk of self-reported penile coital injuries: results from a randomized controlled trial in Kisumu, Kenya 24
A Practical Way for Computing Approximate Lower and Upper Correlation Bounds 24
The Effect of Medical Male Circumcision on Urogenital Mycoplasma genitalium among Men in Kisumu, Kenya 18
Peer-education Intervention to Reduce Injection Risk Behaviors Benefits High-Risk Young Injection Drug Users: A Latent Transition Analysis of the CIDUS 3/DUIT Study 12
Long-term follow-up of HLA-A2+ patients with high-risk, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer vaccinated with the prostate specific antigen peptide homologue, PSA146-154 12
Microbial Diversity of Genital Ulcer Disease in Men Enrolled in a Randomized Trial of Male Circumcision in Kisumu, Kenya 12
The PrePex Device Is Unlikely to Achieve Cost-Savings Compared to the Forceps-Guided Method in Male Circumcision Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa 11
Health Risks of Limited-Contact Water Recreation 11


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