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Cognition and Physiological Response

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posted on 2022-04-29, 20:20 authored by Ashley HughesAshley Hughes, William G Volante, Kimberly Stowers, Kevin Leyva, James M Oglesby, Tiffany Bisbey, Eduardo Salas, Benjamin A Knott, Michael A Vidulich
Complex tasks in large and error-prone environments require unobtrusive, unbiased and real-time measurement of cognitive variables to promote safety and to achieve optimal performance. Despite the prevalence of physiological measurement of cognitive constructs and cognitive performance, such as workload, little has been done to justify the inference of cognitive states from physiological measures. We develop a framework based on the extant literature to provide the groundwork for further validation of physiological measurement. Specifically, we leverage theoretically-grounded conditions of measurement to aid in investigating the logical sampling and construct validity for use of such metrics. Further meta-analytic investigation is warranted to validate the model and justify use of physiological measures.



Hughes, A. M., Volante, W. G., Stowers, K., Leyva, K., Oglesby, J. M., Bisbey, T., Salas, E., Knott, B. A.Vidulich, M. A. (2014, September). Cognition and Physiological Response. (pp. 1009-1013). SAGE Publications.


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