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Episode 2 - Understanding COVID-19 Data with Dr. Ronald Hershow

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posted on 2020-11-30, 19:02 authored by Collaboratory for Health Justice
This 1 page summary accompanies episode 2 of a podcast series with the Chicago COVID-19 Contact Tracing Corps. There’s an abundance of COVID-19 data, but how should we interpret them? In this episode, we interview SPH’s Director of Epidemiology and Biostatics to help us make sense of the many numbers we’re hearing. By the end, you will have an understanding of key COVID-19 indicators and what they mean for the state of public health. Join us to develop your own public health skills and make decisions that can keep you and your community safer.

Listen to the podcast here:


This resource was developed for the Chicago COVID-19 Contact Tracing Corps, which is funded by the Chicago Department of Public Health.