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posted on 2021-10-06, 16:45 authored by Meghan Quigley
From researching drawing techniques of grids and landscapes separately, this drawing showcases a gridscape, a type of drawing that combines grids with landscapes. By learning how to draw landscapes, this drawing explores a technique of drawing a grid to reconfigure elements of landscape. Through the action of combining, a new type of organization emerges. This new organization addresses architectural issues such as continuity vs. separation, solid vs. void, density, and repetition. This gridscape represents an exploration of the potential of drawing techniques and graphic space. Architecturally, this drawing does not represent a true site, but it suggests a multitude of interpretations as it contains recognizable elements, allowing for a possible context to emerge. Through this design process of researching drawing techniques and graphics, a design proposal for a public space can begin to develop.


This exhibit competition is organized by the University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate College and the University Library.


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Architecture; Finalist; Copyright 2020, Meghan Quigley. Used with permission. For more information, contact the Graduate College at

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