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Manifestations of Equine Sarcoids

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posted on 2011-04-15, 00:00 authored by Lauren Timpson
This research project focused on an equine health condition known as Sarcoids. This image serves to illustrate the highly varied presentation of this disease which often makes it difficult to diagnose since many of the lesions mimic those associated with other skin conditions. The ultimate purpose is to assist in educating equine veterinarians about the condition in order to facilitate accurate treatment. If untreated, the disease can cause anything from minor annoyance and irritation to a life-threatening invasive tumor. Therefore it is very important that sarcoids are effectively identified and appropriate treatment is commenced to effectively manage the condition and prevent permanent damage. The illustration was done in Adobe Photoshop.


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Entry in 2010 in The Image of Research, a competition for students in graduate or professional degree programs at UIC, sponsored by UIC's Graduate College and the University Library. Images of award recipients and honorable mention images on exhibition in the Richard J. Daley Library and the Library of the Health Sciences, April 15-May 31, 2010.

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