Project Snow Machine

2011-01-26T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Erik Peterson
Much of my research deals with appropriating the marginal languages of disused and abandoned urban forms, and through public sculptural intervention, reintroducing people to their built environment. Project Snow Machine is such an urban intervention that borrows from the typology of municipal forms (signposts, signpost anchors, and parking meters) and recodes them to build a new public space. Divorced from the bonds of bureaucratic functionality, the powder-coated steel snow-ball makers designate a slightly subversive space for play and quite possibly battle. Three Snow Machines were installed for two weeks this winter throughout the city - one green, one yellow, one red - each bearing a sticker describing how to properly use the machine. The photograph depicts the boots of a Chicagoan chancing upon the absurd object, preparing to make the perfect snowball. What she does with it is up to her.




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