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posted on 2021-10-06, 21:58 authored by Soorin Chung
Chimero(2012) stated the following in “The Shape of Design”: The simplest form of delightful surprise is serendipity, when we are presented with an unexpected relevancy. Serendipity in design provides a new viewpoint that makes us look at what we are doing in new ways. (p.104) I became curious about the serendipitous moments that can happen while creating an object from the viewpoint of a designer. For my 2018-2019 academic year, I experimented with an unfamiliar material “epoxy resin” and experienced serendipitous moments where I came to see interesting and unique things that resin can do. Also, from the start of my experimentation, I was very much interested in the concept of “Capturing Moments”. “How can we capture meaningful memories? The fact that resin was solidifying the liquid aspects of the ink was one of my serendipitous and coincidental moments. It was also very interesting to see the unusual reaction of ink and resin. Using the disk molds allowed the resin and ink to achieve more depth and layers. They also looked similar to a bacteria, sea moss or cells as if I was looking into a microscope or even a kaleidoscope. Looking into its own little resin world was fascinating.


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