3D Printed Human Spinal Column

2019-07-30T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Rachel E. Ducker
It is imperative as educators to understand how to best utilize current technological advances to aid in the dissemination of scientific and medical information. Some of these advances include the rapid expansion of the power and availability of mobile devices and 3D printers. This image consists of three orthographic views of a 3D printed human spinal column created by extrapolating computed tomography (CT) data from the Visible Human Project. After the model was optimized and prepped, the company Shapeways printed it in a white plastic material. This model of a human spinal column was produced as a part of a case study related to my research project. My research examined three different methods for combining mobile devices and 3D printing to create educational materials that can integrate digital content with physical materials for the museum environment. The technologies researched were Quick Response (QR codes), augmented reality applications and Near Field Communication (NFC) chips. This material is based in part on the AnatLab Virtual Anatomy Laboratory, which was used by permission of the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago, pursuant to a license agreement with Eolas Technologies, Inc.




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