Cataract Surgery in Patients with Ocular Surface Disease: An Update in Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment.

In this article we review essentials of diagnosis and management of ocular surface disease in patients who undergo cataract surgery. It is clearly shown that dry eye disease worsens following the cataract surgery in patients with prior history of ocular surface disease, Also new cases of dry eye might appear The current strategies for timely diagnosis and proper management of dry eye syndrome in the face of cataract surgery patients is mainly emphasized. To achieve the best outcome in cataract surgery, a healthy ocular surface is crucial. While ocular surface preparation is indispensable in patients with established ocular surface disease, it is also helpful in those with minimal signs or symptoms of surface disease. The current approach begins with early diagnosis and drastic management of ocular surface disease before cataract surgery using a stepwise regimen customized to the individual patient and disease severity. These considerations are typically sustained throughout and following the surgery.