Microscopic details of asphaltenes aggregation onset during waterflooding

2019-03-29T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Salah Yaseen G.Ali Mansoori
We report detailed microscopic studies of asphaltenes aggregation onset during waterflooding of petroleum reservoirs. To achieve this objective, a series of simulations are performed on asphaltenic-oil miscibilized with water at high pressure and temperature through molecular dynamics. Our simulation results illustrate that the aggregation onset in waterflooding generally follows three sequential steps: (i). Asphaltene-water interaction; (ii). Water bridging; (iii). Face-to-face stacking. Then, asphaltene-water and water-water hydrogen-bonding network surround every aggregate boosting the intensity of aggregation onset. We intend to utilize such understanding of these details in our predictive and preventive measures of arterial blockage in oil reservoirs during waterflooding.