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A Curriculum-Based Approach to Learning Trajectories in Middle School Algebra

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posted on 2022-06-15, 16:01 authored by Mara MartinezMara Martinez, Alison Superfine, Timothy stoelinga
Our aim is to contribute to the body of research on learning trajectories (LTs) in mathematics by making visible a process for articulating a hypothetical learning trajectory implicit in a widely adopted, reform-based, middle-grades mathematics curriculum. In doing so, we highlight considerations, decisions, and challenges we faced as part of this work. By describing our LT articulation process, our aim is to highlight ways in which curriculum-specific LTs can be articulated to serve as a more proximal and instrumental tool for teachers’ instructional practice. Furthermore, to illustrate we describe how the products of the work were used in practice-based professional learning experiences with middle-grades mathematics teachers.


Constructing and Refining Linear Functions and Linear Equations Learning Trajectories in a Functions-Based Curriculum | Funder: National Science Foundation



Martinez, M., Superfine, A.stoelinga, T. (2022). A Curriculum-Based Approach to Learning Trajectories in Middle School Algebra. REDIMAT : Journal of Research in Mathematics Education, 11(1), 5-32. Retrieved from


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