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A Different Frame of Reference: Entrepreneurship and Gender Differences in the Perception of Danger

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posted on 19.06.2018, 00:00 authored by Amanda Bullough, Maija Renko
Through a mixed-methods approach, we explore how the perceived dangers involved in starting a business in a dangerous region of the world differ by gender. We also explore the ways that women’s businesses affect and are affected by their perceptions of dangers. From surveys in a war zone (Afghanistan), we found that women actually perceive less danger than men do when danger is measured using conventional measures of war-related dangers. In follow-up interviews, we uncovered that women business owners indeed recognize conflict, insurgents, and insecurity in their country, but secondarily to the obstacles they navigate closer to home. These perceptions of danger affect their business decisions. By understanding these nuances better, we can design and implement more effective research studies, as well as more effective business development training programs that will serve women, their businesses, and societal growth best.



Bullough, A. and Renko, M. A DIFFERENT FRAME OF REFERENCE: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND GENDER DIFFERENCES IN THE PERCEPTION OF DANGER. Academy of Management Discoveries. 2017. 3(1): 21-41. 10.5465/amd.2015.0026


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