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A Novel Model of Surgical Injury in Adult Rat Kidney: A “Pouch Model”

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posted on 2016-04-05, 00:00 authored by Natalia O. Litbarg, Snezana Vujicic, Suman Setty, Periannan Sethupathi, George Dunea, Jose A. Arruda, Ashok K. Singh
Regenerative mechanisms after surgical injury have been studied in many organs but not in the kidney. Studying surgical injury may provide new insights into mechanisms of kidney regeneration. In rodent models, extrarenal tissues adhere to surgical kidney wound and interfere with healing. We hypothesized that this can be prevented by wrapping injured kidney in a plastic pouch. Adult rats tolerated 5/6 nephrectomy with pouch application well. Histological analysis demonstrates that application of the pouch effectively prevented formation of adhesions and induced characteristic wound healing manifested by formation of granulation tissue. Additionally, selected tubules of the wounded kidney extended into the granulation tissue forming branching tubular epithelial outgrowths (TEOs) without terminal differentiation. Tubular regeneration outside of renal parenchyma was not previously observed, and suggests previously unrecognized capacity for regeneration. Our model provides a novel approach to study kidney wound healing.


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