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A Review of Global Ocean Temperature Observations: Implications for Ocean Heat Content Estimates and Climate Change

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posted on 12.02.2016, 00:00 authored by J.P. Abraham, M. Baringer, N.L. Bindoff, W.J. Minkowycz


N.L.B. acknowledges sup-port from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate SystemsScience. L.J.C. was supported by the MOST project (grant2012CB417404). J.A.C. and S.W. were funded by the AustralianClimate Change Science Program. C.M.D. was funded by theAustralian Antarctic and Ecosystems Research Cooperative Centre.J.G. was supported through NOAA grant NA17RJ1231 (ScrippsInstitute of Oceanography). S.A.G. was supported by the JointDECC/Defra Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme(GA01101). V.G. was supported through the Cluster of Excellence“CLISAP” (EXC177), University of Hamburg, funded through theGerman Science Foundation. T.B., J.M.L., and G.C.J. were supportedby the NOAA Climate Program Office and NOAA Research. A.P.was supported by the Inter-American Institute for Global ChangeResearch through the US National Science Foundation grant GEO-0452325. K.E.T. and J.T.F. were sponsored by NASA under grantNNX09AH89G. F.R. was supported by EC FP7 project MyOcean2and operationally supported in part by NOAA/AOML


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