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A Scoping Review of the Application of Systematic Instructional Design and Instructional Design Models by Academic Librarians [preprint]

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posted on 2022-02-03, 16:22 authored by Emily Johnson-BarlowEmily Johnson-Barlow, Carl LehnenCarl Lehnen


Background: Academic libraries are providing more instruction than ever to increasingly diverse audiences. Librarians have also shown increased interest in learning theories and instructional design (ID). However, there has not yet been a systematic survey of the literature on how librarians are using ID models and systematic ID in professional practice.

Methods: The researchers conducted this scoping review of journal articles published since 1990 to look at what ID models or systematic ID are used in academic library instruction and what is role and influence of ID. Nine databases were searched to identify articles.

Results: Of the 11,221 abstracts, 58 articles described use of a systematic ID or an ID model to create an instructional product. The review found that ID models were sparsely represented in the literature and that it often appeared in a simplified or adapted form. However, it held particular promise as a tool for collaboration and reflective teaching practices.

Conclusions: While instruction represent a major skillset in academic librarianship, the application of ID needs further representation in the scholarly literature. Further reflection on librarian use of ID can inform teaching practices committed to accountability in higher education and learner centeredness for their populations.



Johnson-Barlow, E. M., & Lehnen, C. (2021). A scoping review of the application of systematic instructional design and instructional design models by academic librarians. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 47(5), 102382.




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