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Analysis and Purification of Bioactive Natural Products: The AnaPurNa Study

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posted on 18.12.2013, 00:00 authored by Guido F. Pauli, Shao-Nong Chen, J. Brent Friesen, James B. McAlpine, Birgit U. Jaki
Based on a meta-analysis of data mined from almost 2000 publications on bioactive natural products (NPs) from >80 000 pages of 13 different journals published in 1998−1999, 2004−2005, and 2009−2010, the aim of this systematic review is to provide both a survey of the status quo and a perspective for analytical methodology used for isolation and purity assessment of bioactive NPs. The study provides numerical measures of the common means of sourcing NPs, the chromatographic methodology employed for NP purification, and the role of spectroscopy and purity assessment in NP characterization. A link is proposed between the observed use of various analytical methodologies, the challenges posed by the complexity of metabolomes, and the inescapable residual complexity of purified NPs and their biological assessment. The data provide inspiration for the development of innovative methods for NP analysis as a means of advancing the role of naturally occurring compounds as a viable source of biologically active agents with relevance for human health and global benefit.


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