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Bartlett Incusion

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posted on 2019-07-30, 00:00 authored by Maged Samir Guerguis
"Incusion, as an architectural technique with political potential, can be understood as a method for describing with a present form a figure that is absent, as a singular shape that results from the intersection of multiple geometries." - Incusion Precedents and Techniques, Salvatore Deliria. The form-finding incusion research started with two plastic Bartlett pears intersecting one another in space. I manually constructed a physical model of the intersection curves using Boolean union operation, and then subdivided the plastic pear to calculate the coordinates of the floating points that define the fruit surface. These were transferred into a NURBS modeling software to precisely generate a three dimensional digital replica. Then a script was written with specific algorithms allowing the digital model to be arrayed, scaled, rotated and intersected with one another following specific rules. Another script calculated the mathematical equations of the intersection curves. Finally, a high-resolution mesh was prepared from the incused geometry, printed in 3D, and cast in polyurethane resin for a final durable physical model. The next stage of my research will be to study the spatial qualities of the generated forms in order to understand how particular prescribed geometries may have political implications in architecture. I will then develop a series of projects with specific programs on vacant and abandoned sites located across Chicago, restoring these properties and reviving the neighborhoods.


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