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posted on 2019-07-30, 00:00 authored by Rachna Parwani
High resolution microcomputed tomography (MicroCT) scanning of bones with metal implants induces streak artifacts close to the implant periphery. Therefore, the bone-implant interface gets obscured and quantitative measurements of osseointegration cannot be obtained. Osseointegration also known as bone-implant contact (BIC) is a measure of how much bone comes into contact with the metal implant. Bone naturally grows around an implant following surgery, and BIC is an important indicator of overall implant stability. My research involves quantifying BIC using MicroCT and correlating the results with implant fixation strength. The first step is obtaining MicroCT images in which there are minimal artifacts close to the implant interface as shown in the picture. The image was taken at 2.5 micrometer isotropic voxel size with a MicroCT scanner. It shows a cross section through a rat femur with a cylindrical titanium implant.


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