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Correlated Diskoid-like Electronic States

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posted on 25.08.2016, 00:00 authored by Artem Baskin, Hossein R. Sadeghpour, Petr Kral
We study highly excited diskoid-like electronic states formed in the vicinity of charged and strongly polarizable diskotic nanostructures, such as circular graphene flakes. First, we study the nature of such extended states in a simple two-electron model. The two electrons are attached to a point-like nucleus with a charge 2+, where the material electron is forced to move within a 2D disk area centered at the nucleus, while the extended electron is free to move in 3D. Pronounced and complex correlations are revealed in the diskoid-like states. We also develop semiclassical one-electron models of such diskotic systems and explain how the one-electron and many-electron solutions are related.


This work was supported by the ACS PRF grant #53062-ND6. A.B. acknowledges the generous support obtained from the Herbert E. Paaren Graduate Fellowship and ITAMP, Harvard-Smythsonian Astrophysical Laboratory. The publication was supported by the Research Open Access Article Publishing (ROAAP) Fund of the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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