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Design of an Electric Machine Integrated with Trans-Rotary Magnetic Gear

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posted on 2016-01-20, 00:00 authored by S. Pakdelian, YB Deshpande, HA Toliyat
Design aspects of the trans-rotary magnetic gear (TROMAG) integrated rotary machine are discussed in this paper, with particular focus on optimizing system cost and weight. Analytical models are used for design of the TROMAG. Optimal designs of the rotary machine are found by using a populationbased genetic algorithm and two-dimensional finite-element analysis and thermal considerations. Weight, volume, and cost of the resultant system are then compared with the Pareto-optimal set of a permanent magnet linear tubular machine that is designed for the same force and speed specification. It is shown in this paper that, for high-force low-speed reciprocating motion applications, an electromechanical motion system consisting of a TROMAG and a rotary electric machine can far surpass a conventional direct drive linear machine in terms of weight, volume, and initial and operating cost.


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