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Efficacy of treatment with pseudoephedrine in men with retrograde ejaculation

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posted on 26.06.2018, 00:00 by O. Shoshany, N. Abhyankar, J. Elyaguov, C. Niederberger
The use of pseudoephedrine, an alpha agonist, for the treatment of retrograde ejaculation is well-known, however, there is no clear consensus from the literature regarding its efficacy and treatment protocol. We evaluated the efficacy of pseudoephedrine treatment in patients with retrograde ejaculation, utilizing a yet undescribed short-period treatment protocol. Twenty men were medically treated with pseudoephedrine for retrograde ejaculation between January 2010 and May 2016 (12 with complete retrograde ejaculation and 8 with partial retrograde ejaculation). All patients had a semen analysis and post-ejaculatory urinalysis before and after treatment. The treatment protocol consisted of 60 mg of pseudoephedrine every 6 h on the day before semen analysis and two more 60 mg doses on the day of the semen analysis. Diabetes was the most common etiology for complete retrograde ejaculation (60%), whereas an idiopathic cause was the most common etiology for partial retrograde ejaculation (82%). Of the 12 complete retrograde ejaculation patients treated with pseudoephedrine prior to semen analysis, 7 (58.3%) recovered spermatozoa in the antegrade ejaculate, with a mean total sperm count of 273.5 +/- 172.5 million. Of the eight patients with partial retrograde ejaculation, five (62.5%) had a >= 50% increase in the antegrade total sperm count. In this group, the mean total sperm count increased from 26.9 +/- 8.5 million before treatment to 84.2 +/- 24.6 million after treatment, whereas the percentage of spermatozoa in the urine declined from 43.2 +/- 9% to 17 +/- 10%, respectively (both p < 0.05). Overall, in men with retrograde ejaculation treated with a pseudoephedrine regimen prior to ejaculation, some improvement in seminal parameters occurred in 14 (70%) patients, with 10 patients (38.5% of all patients) achieving antegrade total sperm counts over 39 million.


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This is the pre-peer reviewed version of the following article: Shoshany, O., Abhyankar, N., Elyaguov, J. and Niederberger, C. Efficacy of treatment with pseudoephedrine in men with retrograde ejaculation. Andrology. 2017. 5(4): 744-748. which has been published in final form at 10.1111/andr.12361.







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