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Energy dependence of elliptic flow over a large pseudorapidity range in Au + Au collisions at the BNL relativistic heavy ion collider

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posted on 30.05.2008, 00:00 by BB Back, MD Baker, M Ballintijn, DS Barton, RR Betts, AA Bickley, R Bindel, A Budzanowski, W Busza, A Carroll, Z Chai, MP Decowski, E Garcıa, T Gburek, N George, K Gulbrandsen, S Gushue, C Halliwell, J Hamblen, M Hauer, GA Heintzelman, C Henderson, DJ Hofman, RS Hollis, R Hołynski, B Holzman, A Iordanova, E Johnson, JL Kane, J Katzy, N Khan, W Kucewicz, P Kulinich, CM Kuo, WT Lin, S Manly, D McLeod, AC Mignerey, R Nouicer, A Olszewski, R Pak, IC Park, H Pernegger, C Reed, LP Remsberg, M Reuter, C Roland, G Roland, L Rosenberg, J Sagerer, P Sarin, P Sawicki, H Seals, I Sedykh, W Skulski, CE Smith, MA Stankiewicz, P Steinberg, GSF Stephans, A Sukhanov, JL Tang, MB Tonjes, A Trzupek, C Vale, GJ van Nieuwenhuizen, SS Vaurynovich, R Verdier, GI Veres, E Wenger, FLH Wolfs, B Wosiek, K Wozniak, AH Wuosmaa, B Wysłouch
This Letter describes the measurement of the energy dependence of elliptic flow for charged particles in Au+Au collisions using the PHOBOS detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Data taken at collision energies of root s(NN) = 19.6, 62.4, 130, and 200 GeV are shown over a wide range in pseudorapidity. These results, when plotted as a function of eta' = vertical bar eta vertical bar - y(beam), scale with approximate linearity throughout eta('), implying no sharp changes in the dynamics of particle production as a function of pseudorapidity or increasing beam energy.


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