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Experimental analysis of the flow near the boundary of random porous media

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posted on 2022-07-08, 18:38 authored by Zhenxing Wu, Parisa MirbodParisa Mirbod
The aim of this work is to experimentally examine flow over and near random porous media. Different porous materials were chosen to achieve porosity ranging from 0.95 to 0.99. In this study, we report the detailed velocity measurements of the flow over and near random porous material inside a rectangular duct using a planar particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique. By controlling the flow rate, two different Reynolds numbers were achieved. We determined the slip velocity at the interface between the porous media and free flow. Values of the slip velocity normalized either by the maximum flow velocity or by the shear rate at the interface and the screening distance K1/2 were found to depend on porosity. It was also shown that the depth of penetration inside the porous material was larger than the screening length using Brinkman's prediction. Moreover, we examined a model for the laminar coupled flow over and inside porous media and analyzed the permeability of a random porous medium. This study provided detailed analysis of flow over and at the interface of various specific random porous media using the PIV technique. This analysis has the potential to serve as a first step toward using random porous media as a new passive technique to control the flow over smooth surfaces.


A bio-inspired strategy to dramatically reduce drag of particle-laden liquids over planar surfaces: Characterization, theory and experiment | Funder: National Science Foundation | Grant ID: 1706766



Wu, Z.Mirbod, P. (2018). Experimental analysis of the flow near the boundary of random porous media. Physics of Fluids, 30(4), 047103-.


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