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Explanatory Modeling in Science Through Text-Based Investigation: Testing the Efficacy of the Project READI Intervention Approach

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posted on 01.06.2019, 00:00 authored by Susan R. Goldman, Cynthia Greenlead, Mariya Yukhymenko-Lescroart, Willard Brown, Mon-Lin Monica Ko, Julia M. Emig, MariAnne George, Patricia Wallace, Dylan Blaum, M. Anne Britt
This article reports the results of a randomized control trial of a semester-long intervention designed to promote ninth-grade science students’ use of text-based investigation to create explanatory models of biological phenomena. The main research question was whether the student participants in the intervention outperformed the students in the control classes, as assessed by several measures of comprehension and application of information to modeling biological phenomena not covered in the instruction. A second research question examined the impact on the instructional practices of the teachers who implemented the intervention. Multilevel modeling of outcome measures, controlling for preexisting differences at individual and school levels, indicated significant effects on the intervention students and teachers relative to the controls. Implications for classroom instruction and teacher professional development are discussed.


Project READI was supported by the Reading for Understanding initiative of the Institute for Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education through Grant R305F100007 to the University of Illinois at Chicago from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2016. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the views of the institute or the U.S. Department of Education. We are indebted to the teachers, students, and administrators of the participating schools and districts without whose cooperation this work would not have been possible. We thank additional Project READI staff for assisting with the data collection and scoring: Michael Bolz, Allison Hall, Karina Perez, Jacqueline Popp, Francis Reade, and Kathryn Rupp.


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Goldman, S. R., Greenleaf, C., Yukhymenko-Lescroart, M., Brown, W., Ko, M. L. M., Emig, J. M., . . . Britt, M. A. (2019). Explanatory Modeling in Science Through Text-Based Investigation: Testing the Efficacy of the Project READI Intervention Approach. American Educational Research Journal. doi:10.3102/0002831219831041


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