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Gene silencing H-NS paralogue StpA forms a rigid protein filament along DNA that blocks DNA accessibility

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posted on 2013-11-07, 00:00 authored by Ci Ji Lim, Yixun R. Whang, Linda J. Kenney, Jie Yan
Nucleoid-associated proteins are bacterial proteins that are responsible for chromosomal DNA compaction and global gene regulation. One such protein is Escherichia coli Histone-like nucleoid structuring protein (H-NS) which functions as a global gene silencer. Whereas the DNA-binding mechanism of H-NS is well-characterized, its paralogue, StpA which is also able to silence genes is less understood. Here we show that StpA is similar to H-NS in that it is able to form a rigid filament along DNA. In contrast to H-NS, the StpA filament interacts with a naked DNA segment to cause DNA bridging which results in simultaneous stiffening and bridging of DNA. DNA accessibility is effectively blocked after the formation of StpA filament on DNA, suggesting rigid filament formation is the important step in promoting gene silencing. We also show that >1mM magnesium promotes higher order DNA condensation, suggesting StpA may also play a role in chromosomal DNA packaging.


The Ministry of Education of Singapore (R144000251112 to J.Y.); the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore (R714005007271 and R714015007271 to J.Y.); the Veterans Administration (101BX000372 to L.J.K.). Funding for open access charge: Mechanobiology Institute of Singapore (R144000251112 to J.Y.).


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