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Henrin A: A New Anti-HIV Ent-Kaurane Diterpene from Pteris henryi.

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posted on 2016-05-09, 00:00 authored by WF Li, J Wang, JJ Zhang, X Song, CF Ku, J Zou, JX Li, LJ Rong, LT Pan, HJ Zhang
Henrin A (1), a new ent-kaurane diterpene, was isolated from the leaves of Pteris henryi. The chemical structure was elucidated by analysis of the spectroscopic data including one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) NMR spectra, and was further confirmed by X-ray crystallographic analysis. The compound was evaluated for its biological activities against a panel of cancer cell lines, dental bacterial biofilm formation, and HIV. It displayed anti-HIV potential with an IC50 value of 9.1 µM (SI = 12.2).


The work described in this paper was collaborative efforts within multi-disciplinary cooperative programs supported by grants from by the Natural Science Foundation Committee of China (81160496), the Science and Technology Fund of Guizhou Province (No. [2009]2145), the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No. HKBU 262912 and HKBU12103014), HKBU Interdisciplinary Research Matching Scheme (RC-IRMS/12-13/03), and Faculty Research Grants, Hong Kong Baptist University (FRG2/14-15/047 and FRG1/13-14/029).


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