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How to Select Phase Change Materials for Tuning Condensation and Frosting?

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posted on 2023-07-21, 16:14 authored by Rukmava Chatterjee, Umesh Chaudhari, Sushant AnandSushant Anand
Synthetic surfaces engineered to regulate phase transitions of matter and exercise control over its undesired accrual (liquid or solid) play a pivotal role in diverse industrial applications. Over the years, the design of repellant surfaces has transitioned from solely modifying the surface texture and chemistry to identifying novel material systems. In this study, selection criteria are established to identify bio-friendly phase change materials (PCMs) from an extensive library of vegetable-based/organic/essential oils that can thermally respond by harnessing the latent heat released during condensation and thereby delaying ice/frost formation in the very frigid ambient that is detrimental to its functionality. Concurrently, a comprehensive investigation is conducted to elucidate the relation between microscale heat transport phenomena during condensation and the resulting macroscopic effects (e.g., delayed droplet freezing) on various solidified PCMs as a function of their inherent thermo-mechanical properties. In addition, to freeze protection, many properties that are responsive to the thermal reflex of the surface, such as the ability to dynamically tune optical transparency, moisture harvesting, ice shedding, and quick in-field repairability, are achievable, resulting in the development of protective coatings capable of spanning a wide range of functionalities and thereby having a distinctive edge over conventional solutions.


A bottom-up framework for the nanoscale origins of ice formation and adhesion on structured surfaces | Funder: National Science Foundation | Grant ID: CBET-1805753

CAREER - Condensation-Driven Phase-Transitioning Surfaces | Funder: National Science Foundation | Grant ID: CBET-1847627



Chatterjee, R., Chaudhari, U.Anand, S. (2023). How to Select Phase Change Materials for Tuning Condensation and Frosting? Advanced Functional Materials, 33(3), 2206301-.




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