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Pre-clinical development of a vaccine for human lymphatic filariasis

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posted on 2022-11-22, 22:26 authored by Valeria Melendez, Cheri Turner, Vishal Khatri, Jenn Davis, Nikhil ChauhanNikhil Chauhan, Divya Sree Nagalati Sudhakar, Richard Cabullos, Darrick Carter, Sean A Gray, Ramaswamy KalyanasundaramRamaswamy Kalyanasundaram
This study was conducted to optimize a fusion protein vaccine for translational development as a vaccine against the human tropical parasitic infection, lymphatic filariasis (LF). The vaccine candidate, His-tagged rBmHAXT was developed previously in our laboratory and was tested in various animal models including mouse, gerbils and Rhesus macaque where it exhibited significant levels of vaccine-induced protection. However, for commercial manufacturing and for regulatory approval for human use, there was a need to modify the vaccine antigen and its production and analytical release methods. Therefore, the major focus of this study was to develop a process for manufacturing an affinity tag-free rBmHAXT and evaluate its immunogenicity, potency and protective efficacy in both inbred and outbred mouse models, as well as in outbred gerbil models. Our results demonstrate that the tag-free rBmHAXT vaccine produced with a process suitable for cGMP production had protective properties equivalent to the original His-tagged rBmHAXT.


Process Development for a Lymphatic Filariasis Vaccine (LFGUARD) | Funder: PAI Life Sciences | Grant ID: R43AI140708

A Vaccine for Lymphatic Filariasis, LFGuard | Funder: PAI Life Sciences | Grant ID: 5R44AI140708-03



Melendez, V., Turner, C., Khatri, V., Davis, J., Chauhan, N., Sudhakar, D. S. N., Cabullos, R., Carter, D., Gray, S. A.Kalyanasundaram, R. (2022). Pre-clinical development of a vaccine for human lymphatic filariasis. Frontiers in Tropical Diseases, 3, 998353-.


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