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Profile of ocular and systemic characteristics in Möbius sequence patients from Brazil and Italy

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posted on 03.12.2013, 00:00 authored by Bruna Vieira Ventura, Marilyn Tiller Miller, Diana Danda, Arturo Carta, Carlos Teixeira Brandt, Liana Oliveira Ventura
PURPOSE: To compare the profiles and clinical findings of a series of patients with Möbius sequence from Brazil with a series from Italy. METHODS: This is a multicenter study, which includes 46 Möbius sequence patients from Brazil and 20 from Italy. Socio-demographic, gestational, and neonatal profile characteristics were collected from interviews with the guardians of the Möbius sequence patients and compared. The Möbius sequence patients were submitted to an ophthalmologic examination and systemic malformations were also evaluated. RESULTS: Misoprostol was used in the first trimester of pregnancy by 26 (56.5%) of the mothers of the Möbius sequence patients in the Brazilian series and was not used by any of the Italian mothers. The mean age of the Brazilian Möbius sequence patients was 89.95 ± 7.79 months and the mean age of the Italian patients was 102.6 ± 22.94 months (P=0.6105; Mann-Whitney test). Brazilian mothers had a significantly lower education level (P=0.0002; Fisher's exact test) and Italian mothers had significantly more stable relationships (p=0.0002; Fisher's exact test). The frequency of ocular and systemic abnormalities was similar in both series. CONCLUSION: Adverse events during pregnancy varied between both groups. A history of misoprostol use during early pregnancy was present only in Brazilian mothers, who had lower levels of education and less frequent stable marital statuses. Clinical findings were similar between both groups of patients.


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