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Punk Philosophy as a Path to the Summits of Ethos.

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posted on 15.12.2016, 00:00 authored by Uskokovic V
Elaborated in this discourse is the idea that identifying with a punk persona is a necessary step in the ethical development of an individual. Offered are various ethical corollaries of standing on the punk philosophic grounds, including: (i) abomination of the art of following, (ii) appreciation of creative aspirations more than the technique, (iii) the necessity for the constant shift of the epistemic grounds on which one stands, (iv) revival of the aesthetics of Speer’s theory of ruin values, (v) revitalization of language via its destruction, and (vi) embracement of anarchic revulsion of the concept of authority as a pathway to excellent educational efforts. It is also mentioned that science is inherently a systematic rebellion against stale, prejudiced thinking, and that, as such, it is intrinsically the endeavor of intellectual punks. The final summersault in the course of the philosophical gymnastics class of the hour pertains to realization that the anarchistic ideals underlying the punk culture foster ultimate freedoms that make even the abolition of these very same freedoms and obedience to any rules or principles legitimate. The failure of all the ideologies of the 20th century has been in favor of the antiideology of authentic anarchism, and yet this ideology not only insists on ruining the relevance of any ideologies out there, but also calls for the deconstruction of itself, wherefrom the freedom to follow any ideologies under its umbrella naturally emanates.


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This is a non-final version of an article published in final form in Uskokovic, V. Punk Philosophy as a Path to the Summits of Ethos. Cultura-International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology. 2016. 13(1): 29-47. DOI: 10.5840/cultura20161312.


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