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Renofemoral shunt for protection of abdominal allografts during emergency abdominal aortic surgery

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posted on 2015-11-09, 00:00 authored by A. Khan, I. Tzvetanov, H. Jeon, M. Borhani, E. Benedetti, J. Oberholzer
Emergency aortic surgery can be a daunting task in patients with functioning kidney and pancreas allografts because it poses the risk of allograft loss due to prolonged warm ischemia created by aortic cross-clamping. We present a case in which dual allografts, both originating from the right iliac arterial system, were protected from warm ischemia during aortic cross-clamping by creation of a temporary renofemoral shunt between the native left renal artery and right femoral artery. This simple technique maintained pulsatile allograft perfusion during aortic reconstruction for treatment of a ruptured mycotic aortic aneurysm complicated by an aortocolonic fistula.


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