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Residency Applicant Perceptions of Multiple Mini Interviews in Post-Graduate Year 1 Residency Interviews

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posted on 2022-08-20, 03:52 authored by Jennifer Szwak, Shannon Rotolo, Hailey P Soni
Introduction: Residency interviews offer an opportunity for both candidates and programs to evaluate whether the pairing is a good fit.  Multiple mini interviews (MMIs) have been incorporated into interviews for medical training as a way to evaluate non-cognitive abilities.  Objectives: To determine how candidates perceived the interview process at our institution, specifically related to the MMIs.   Methods:  This retrospective review evaluated candidates’ perceptions of traditional interviews and MMIs through post-interview surveys over a 3-year period.  Candidates evaluated the interview activities, time allowed for MMIs, and overall impression of the program during the 2-week period between submitting rank lists and the release of match results.  Survey results are reported using descriptive statistics.  Candidate perceptions on their ability to showcase skills in different types of interviews was evaluated with chi-square test.  Results:  The interview day increased the desire to pursue residency at our institution for 88% of candidates.  Candidates reported similar ability to showcase skills developed during pharmacy school through the clinical and patient education MMIs compared to traditional interviews; however, they did not feel the collaboration MMI showcased their abilities as well as traditional MMIs.   Conclusion:  The introduction of MMIs to the residency interview day were perceived positively by most candidates and allowed candidates to showcase abilities in a different manner from traditional interviews.



Szwak, J., Rotolo, S.Soni, H. P. (2022). Residency Applicant Perceptions of Multiple Mini Interviews in Post-Graduate Year 1 Residency Interviews. INNOVATIONS in pharmacy, 13(2), 4-.


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