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Scholarly Publishing and the Internet: A NM&S Themed Section

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posted on 2013-01-25, 00:00 authored by Nicholas Jankowski, Steven Jones
As co-editors of this themed section of New Media & Society, we introduce the four articles comprising the section and briefly address facets of the changes transpiring in scholarly publishing and, more generally, scholarly communication. A plethora of issues and developments is related to this transformation and we suggest the diversity and challenges involved. We mention one development in more detail, enhanced publishing, and conclude with promising inroads for theoretical understanding and empirical investigation of how scholarly publishing and communication are evolving.


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Note: This is a pre-publication version of the text introducing the New Media & Society themed section on scholarly publishing. The published version of this text, together with the four articles, are available at SAGE OnlineFirst, and the print version of the collection is scheduled for publication in May 2013 (Volume 15, Number 3); see SAGE site for NM&S. Please consult the published version for citation purposes.


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