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Spindle cell sarcomatoid carcinoma of the trachea: first case report of surgical resection

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posted on 2016-09-14, 00:00 authored by Juan P. Gurria, David M. De Acosta, Niloufar Hafezi, Eman B. Yousif, Ehab AlAmeer, Richard C. Anderson
Background: Primary malignant tracheal tumors are rare, accounting for approximately 0.2 % of respiratory tract tumors yearly, with squamous cell carcinomas and adenoid cystic carcinomas accounting for two-thirds of these cases. Sarcomatoid carcinomas are a group of poorly differentiated non-small cell lung carcinomas containing a component of sarcoma or sarcoma-like (spindle and/or giant cell) differentiation, categorized into five morphologic subgroups. Spindle cell sarcomatoid carcinoma is a rare variant of sarcomatoid carcinomas, consisting of only spindle-shaped tumor cells. Only one other case has been reported as a primary tracheal tumor. Case presentation: We present a 75-year-old male, having progressive dyspnea and cough, with a spindle cell sarcomatoid carcinoma tumor visualized on chest computed tomography scan and confirmed with biopsy. Conclusions: Due to its low incidence, knowledge of treatment methods, prognostic factors, and etiology is limited thus approaches to eradication have widely varied. We are reporting the second published case of spindle cell sarcomatoid carcinoma of the trachea and the first reported successful outcome of definitive treatment with tracheal resection.


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