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Vision under mesopic and scotopic illumination

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posted on 18.05.2015, 00:00 authored by A.J. Zele
Evidence has accumulated that rod activation under mesopic and scotopic light levels alters visual perception and performance. Here we review the most recent developments in the measurement of rod and cone contributions to mesopic color perception and temporal processing, with a focus on data measured using a four-primary photostimulator method that independently controls rod and cone excitations. We discuss the findings in the context of rod inputs to the three primary retinogeniculate pathways to understand rod contributions to mesopic vision. Additionally, we present evidence that hue perception is possible under scotopic, pure rod-mediated conditions that involves cortical mechanisms


Supported by the Australian Research Council ARC-DP140100333 (Andrew J. Zele), NIH National Eye Institute R01EY019651 (Dingcai Cao), UIC core grant for vision research P30-EY01792 and an Unrestricted Departmental Grant from the Research to Prevent Blindness.


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