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Welcome to the Library: Data-Driven Student Worker Empowerment

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posted on 2020-06-18, 00:55 authored by Elena Carrillo, Jung Mi ScoulasJung Mi Scoulas
The University of Illinois-Chicago's Daley Library used data from iterative assessment to develop mission-focused training for a welcoming library environment. The goal was to empower student workers by reinforcing the mission of the library and our commitment to a diverse patron population. We also sought to reduce factors that might intimidate or discourage library use by identifying areas for improvement and using data that reflects the experience of patrons entering the library to highlight the need for a positive customer service attitude. Through this assessment, students connected their work to the impact it can have on academic success, and how it is valued as a cornerstone of the library mission.This paper focuses on the methodology and findings from our first year of assessment.



Carrillo E., & Scoulas J. M. (2020). Welcome to the Library: Data-Driven Student Worker Empowerment. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 15(2), 138-142.


Evidence Based Library and Information Practice


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