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“Now I Know My ABCDs”: Asset-Based Community Development with School Children in Ethiopia

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posted on 2022-06-03, 16:09 authored by Alice ButterfieldAlice Butterfield, Mulu Yeneabat, David P Moxley
Asset-based community development (ABCD) is a promising practice for communities to engage in self-determination through the efforts residents invest in identifying community assets, framing and documenting the issues communities face, and taking action to advance quality of life. The ABCD literature does not report on the application of ABCD methods specifically involving children as leaders of community development efforts. This article begins to rectify this limitation by presenting and analyzing the use of ABCD methods by primary school children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The three-year project engaged 100 primary-school-age children who undertook experiential subprojects to advance their own education involving language development, the performing arts, and community service. Social work educators, students, and practitioners can learn from the involvement of children in this kind of community partnership taking place in Africa. As such, the project is important in informing community development practice with children.



Butterfield, A. K. J., Yeneabat, M.Moxley, D. P. (2016). “Now I Know My ABCDs”: Asset-Based Community Development with School Children in Ethiopia. Children & Schools, 38(4), 199-208.


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