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Home Recovery: Learn post-op self-care instructions

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posted on 2023-02-03, 21:44 authored by Yu-Sin Huang

For my research, I focus on developing an educational game to teach jaw surgical patient and their caregivers about post-operative self-care instructions. The end-product is going to be used at the University of Illinois Hospital (UIH) Craniofacial center as a supplement of post-operative educational material. Jaw surgical patients experience an abrupt lifestyle change for four to six weeks following an operation at home. Self-monitoring recovery conditions and practicing self-care management may be a challenging experience. Dr. Pravin Patel, an orthognathic surgeon at the University of Illinois, found that patients have difficulty adherence to the complicated self-care instructions, although patients have access to text-based educational material. My research proposed that game-based learning provides a risk-free and engaging learning environment for practicing self-care skills. The game was developed in the Unity game engine. This video shows the highlights of the game and may be used to promote the importance of the serious game in both biomedical visualization and the post-operative education field.


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