A Survey of Current Practices in Data Management Education in Nursing Doctoral Programs

Background: The inclusion of data management instruction within nursing doctoral curricula has not been systematically examined.
Purpose: The purpose of this study is
to determine the extent of data management education within nursing doctoral programs.
Method: Separate surveys were created for DNP (332) and PhD (138) program directors. Survey questions were based on the stages of the UK Data Service Research Data Lifecycle.
Results: One hundred and four nursing doctoral program
directors responded, a 22% response rate. Sixty-seven (64%) were from DNP programs while 37 (35%) were from PhD programs. Although program directors reported that they were teaching stages of the research data lifecycle, data management is mostly being taught through individual mentoring or a single lecture within a required course, and that students’ project data were not being preserved. Conclusions: Nursing doctoral programs need to develop consistent data management education, build an awareness
of data policies, and clarify student project data sharing and ownership.