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Anne O’Tate: Value-added PubMed search engine for analysis and text mining

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posted on 18.06.2020, 00:53 authored by Neil SmalheiserNeil Smalheiser, Dean P. Fragnito, Eric E. Tirk

Over a decade ago, we introduced Anne O’Tate, a free, public web-based tool to support user-driven summarization, drill-down and mining of search results from PubMed, the leading search engine for biomedical literature. It has been deployed continuously, serving a wide range of biomedical users and needs, and over time has also served as a platform to support the creation of new tools that address additional needs. Here we describe the current, greatly expanded implementation of Anne O’Tate and invite the scientific community to explore how it can assist in analyzing biomedical literature, in a variety of use cases.


NIH R01LM010817

NIH P01AG039347