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The Citation Cloud of a Biomedical Article: Enabling Citation Analysis

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posted on 18.06.2020, 00:52 by Neil SmalheiserNeil Smalheiser, Jodi Schneider, Vetle Torvik, Dean P. Fragnito, Eric E. Tirk

Using open citations provided by iCite and other sources, we have built an extension to PubMed that allows any user to visualize and analyze the “citation cloud” around any target article A: the set of articles cited by A; those which cite A; those which are co-cited with A; and those which are bibliographically coupled to A. This greatly enables the study of citations by the scientific community. The Citation Cloud can be accessed by running any query on the Anne O’Tate value-added PubMed search interface and clicking on the Citations button next to any retrieved article.


NIH R01LM010817

NIH P01AG039347