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MCVD: Environmental Justice and Neighborhood Schools in Chicago, Illinois

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posted on 2021-05-14, 17:03 authored by Michael CailasMichael Cailas, Apostolis Sambanis
The UIC School of Public Health (UIC-SPH) Emergency Management and Resiliency Planning (EMRP) program will be presenting a series of Midwest Comprehensive Visualization Dashboards (MCVD) focusing on environmental health and justice issues in this region. The primary objective of the current dashboard (MCVD:EJ.1) is to create visualizations that lead to operational insights supporting data-driven decisions with a focus on environmental justice issues. It is the first in a series of dashboards aiming to identify the distribution of environmental hazards in Chicago neighborhoods.


EMRP - Emergency Management and Resilience Planning



J. Flex-Hatch, A. Sambanis, M. D. Cailas, G. Arling, F. Miranda, and K. Osiecki. Midwest Comprehensive Visualization Dashboards: Environmental Justice and Neighborhood Schools in Chicago, Illinois. UIC-SPH-EMRP program publication White Paper No. 1. Original publication date: April 10, 2021.


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