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MCVD: Prioritizing Vaccinations in Cook County, Illinois

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posted on 2021-03-17, 22:36 authored by Michael CailasMichael Cailas, John Canar, Apostolis Sambanis
Considering the potential for widespread adoption of social vulnerability indices (SVI) to prioritize COVID-19 vaccinations, there is a need to carefully assess them, particularly for correspondence with outcomes (such as loss of life) in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The UIC SPH PHGIS team developed a Midwest Comprehensive Visualization Dashboard (MCVD) for prioritizing COVID-19 vaccinations that shows bivariate maps displaying COVID-19 mortality in relation to social vulnerability percentiles for census tracts in Cook County, Illinois. The information provided in the MCVD is vital for the multidimensional needs of an effective vaccination strategy which will account for population vulnerability and the realized losses within each community.


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M. Blaser, J. Canar, G. Arling, M.D. Cailas, A. Sambanis, J. Flax-Hatch, B. Cooper, R. Charles, P. Geraci, and K. Osiecki. Midwest Comprehensive Visualization Dashboards: Prioritizing Vaccinations in Cook County, Illinois. UIC-SPH-PHGIS program publication White Paper No. 2.2021.03.15 (PHGIS-WP-2.2021.03.15).