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Midwest Comprehensive Visualization Dashboards: COVID-19 MCVD

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posted on 2021-02-08, 15:31 authored by Matthew Blaser, John Canar, Gregory W. Arling, Michael CailasMichael Cailas

The UIC School of Public Health (UIC-SPH) Public Health GIS (PHGIS) program will be presenting a series of Midwest Comprehensive Visualization Dashboards (MCVD) focusing on public and environmental health issues in this region. The MCVD have as their primary objective to create visualizations that lead to operational insights that enhance data-driven decisions. They were explicitly designed to overcome some of the limitations identified during the COVID-19 pandemic and the plethora of dashboards it created. Among these deficiencies, we underline the following:

Quality of the source data and data limitations.

Exposure of data characteristics.

Accessibility to dashboard capabilities.

The COVID-19 MCVD is the first of this series aiming to assist professionals and the public in comprehending the COVID-19 related issues impacting their communities and generating action-oriented insights. The COVID-19 MCVD is an ArcGIS Online map series that contains multiple interactive data dashboards for displaying and exploring COVID-19 deaths in the “North Central Region” of the United States.


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Blaser M., Canar J., Greg Arling, Cailas M.D., Osiecki K., Sambanis A., Cooper B., Charles R., Flax-Hatch J., and Geraci P. Midwest Comprehensive Visualization Dashboards: COVID-19 MCVD. UIC-SPH-PHGIS program publication White Paper No. 2.2020.12.28 (PHGIS-WP-2.2020.12.28). Original publication date: December 28, 2020.


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