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Policy Analysis to Support Informal Workers in Greater Lawndale

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posted on 2021-11-19, 20:22 authored by Susan KaplanSusan Kaplan, Jamal McPherson, Martin Unzueta, Richard Wallace, Sara Izquierdo, Rolando Favela, Candace Clark, Sylvia GonzalezSylvia Gonzalez
A policy analysis was conducted to identify policies that could support informal workers in the Greater Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. With the guidance of our community partners, Equity and Transformation and Street Vendors Association of Chicago, we decided to concentrate on policies that could make it easier to establish and operate home-based businesses in Greater Lawndale. We aimed to understand the home-based business (HBB) ordinance, its likely impact and continued restrictions. A template to conduct a policy analysis is provided for replicability in academic-community spaces.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health U19 OH011232



Kaplan, Susan; McPherson, Jamal; Unzueta, Martin; Wallace, Richard; Izquierdo, Sara; Favela, Rolando; Clark, Candace; Gonzalez, Sylvia. Policy Analysis to Support Informal Workers in Greater Lawndale. Greater Lawndale Healthy Work Project, Center for Healthy Work, University of Illinois Chicago; Chicago, IL; September 10, 2021. doi: 10.25417/uic.17035850


Greater Lawndale Healthy Work Project


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