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Gut Microbiome and Maternal Glycemia Scoping Review.Final.pdf (226.54 kB)

Gut Microbiome and Maternal Glycemia: A Scoping Review Protocol

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Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a metabolic disorder characterized by the onset of hyperglycemia during pregnancy and is associated with short and long-term health complications for both mother and child. Research is emerging that targeting the capacity of the gut microbiome, the collection of archaea, eukarya, and bacteria found within the gastrointestinal tract, may be an approach to prevent and manage GDM. To date, initial studies show that women with GDM may exhibit a distinct gut microbiota profile with differences in structure, metabolic function, and composition in comparison to women without GDM during pregnancy. However, an examination of the gut microbiome and maternal glycemic control is in its infancy and a comprehensive, systematic synthesis on this knowledge has yet to be performed. Our scoping review described in this protocol aims to fill that gap.


NHLBI 5T32HL134634-03;T.B.

U54 MD012523,Subaward 088917; M.D.K.