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3D Analysis of Variation in Alveolar Cleft Defect Shape and Size

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posted on 2020-05-01, 00:00 authored by Nora M Bakhsh
Objective: With the advent of precision medicine and advances in biopriting a more exact understanding of cleft defect variability is required. This study examines patterns of shape/size variation of alveolar cleft defects. Materials: 32 CBCT scans of patients (age 5-35) were used to model the shape of cleft defects. 3D Slicer was used to create models of the negative space, the sizes and volumes of which were measured using Geomagic; shape was analyzed using geometric morphometric methods and a cluster analysis. Results: We have identified a 2-cluster pattern of common shape variation which differentiate between clefts that are wider (medio-laterally) and those that are taller (supero-inferiorly). A Significant difference was found between unilateral and bilateral clefts in height and volume. A high variability in size and volume was also observed. Conclusions: There is a great degree of variation in cleft size and volume, which will likely impact the survivability of cells in bioprinted scaffolds, along with affecting the biomechanical strain across the cleft defect.



Nichola, Christina


Nichola, Christina



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May 2020

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